About AET


Prosperity in today’s knowledge-driven economy demands the world’s most skilled and productive workforce. However, a large portion of the workforce is not prepared for the requirements of the new economy. Workers’ skills have become the greatest competitive challenge facing our county, region, and state.

People and the knowledge and skills they possess are the raw material needed to innovate new products quickly. The rapid changing of skills and knowledge needed to remain competitive requires a culture of life long learning. Given this, a system of continuous education and training opportunities providing lifelong learning is essential to our region’s economic success.

To address the education and training needs of the local work force, the Armstrong Educational Trust in partnership with business, education, government, human services, and health care developed a system to assess and provide education and training opportunities to ensure our workers have the skills they need to work, compete, and succeed in a highly competitive global marketplace.

The Armstrong Educational Trust received designation in 2000 from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to be a Community Education Council and receives funds from the PA Department of Education.

The AET has a twofold purpose:

The AET partners with organizations such as vocational-technical schools, degree granting institutions of higher education, private licensed schools and other educational providers. The AET is a resource center for credit and non credit courses, basic and advanced skills training, and other seminars and workshops. Its primary office and education facility is located at the Armstrong Education Center located in West Hills Industrial Park, Kittanning, PA.


Armstrong Educational Trust
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